exfoliants: salt vs sugar

Exfoliants: Salt vs. Sugar

A good scrub is something everyone should include in their skincare routine. They exfoliate dead skin cells which rejuvenate and hydrate the skin making it look fresh, renewed, and even. Scrubs are also great for detoxification, especially when using a salt scrub. Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt and work great on your entire body. But what’s the difference between using a salt or sugar based scrub?

  • Sea salt contains minerals such as bromine, sodium, magnesium, and potassium, which are excellent for skin rejuvenation
  • Salt is more abrasive than sugar
  • Great for dry, calloused, and rough skin
  • Great for detoxifying the skin
  • Improve blood circulation, which leads to skin regeneration
  • Salt has antiseptic properties
  • Capable of killing skin infections and bacteria on the skin
  • Natural way to exfoliate the skin
  • Sugar scrubs are better suited for the face, but work great on the body too
  • Sugar scrubs are gentler and not as abrasive as salt
  • Great for people with sensitive skin
  • Do not dry out the skin
  • Sugar is alpha-hydroxy rich, which has exfoliating and emollient properties
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Sugar is a humectant, which won’t pull moisture from the skin like salt does
  • Natural way to exfoliate the skin

Scrubs are really easy to make at home and you will know exactly what you put into the scrub, as well as have a fresh batch whenever you need it. You can also make your scrub based on your present skincare need. If you are really dry, you can make a nice moisturizing sugar scrub, and if you have a lot of dry or flaky skin and want to even out your skin tone, exfoliate with a nice, robust salt scrub. There are many different carrier oils you can use, as well as highly beneficial essential oils.

Make sure you store your scrub in a glass jar. I would suggest scooping some out and placing it in a plastic container with a lid when you’re ready to use it. This way it’s safer in the shower or tub. If you’d like to preserve it for a longer period of time, add some vitamin e, which acts as a natural preservative and rosemary antioxidant, which reduces the rate of oxidation and extends shelf life. Also, be very careful coming out of the tub or shower after using a salt or sugar scrub. They can make the floor extremely slippery, so watch your step.

You should use a high-quality natural moisturizer after each exfoliation, as well as in the morning and evening…every day. This is probably the one step that I won’t ever miss and I consider the most important out of my skincare routine. I recommend using oil based facial moisturizers and something as basic as organic coconut or avocado oil for your body. 

If you have any questions or any recipes to share, please leave a comment below.

exfoliants: salt vs sugar

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