how to make mint glycerite

How to Make Mint Glycerite

What is a glycerite?

A glycerite is made by using vegetable glycerin to extract plant constituents without using alcohol. Vegetable glycerin is extremely beneficial for the skin and can provide a great deal of moisturization. You can easily add a glycerite to a facial serum or body lotion. Vegetable glycerin is water and alcohol soluble making it a great choice to use for water-based formulations. Glycerin can be sticky if not diluted, so you always want to make sure you dilute your glycerin or glycerite with distilled water, a hydrosol, or other botanical extracts.


Take whatever size glass container you wish to use and add the following:

  • Fill 2/3 container with fresh mint. If you are using dried mint, only fill 1/2 of the container.
  • 3 parts vegetable glycerin
  • 1 part distilled water
  • Cover mint completely with water and glycerin
  • Agitate daily for 30 days.
  • Strain with cheesecloth into clean glass container.
  • Label and date.

Use your glycerite in a water-based skincare formulation. Your skin will love it!

how to make mint glycerite

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