pumice and dead sea salt foot scrub recipe

Pumice & Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub

I’m going to show you how to make an outstanding foot scrub with only six ingredients! This recipe makes a great gift too and it’s so easy to whip up. You only need a few tools which you can get easily on Amazon and they aren’t expensive. Once you get all of your ingredients you will definitely have enough to make as gifts or more for yourself.


This scrub is super easy to make and will work wonders on your feet. You can either make this in the 8 oz plastic jar or you can mix it in a glass bowl or Pyrex measuring cup – whatever works for you. I chose to make it in the plastic jar. Add the dead sea salt to your container and follow with the pumice granules. Mix with your glass stirring rod. Next, add the jojoba oil or your carrier oil of choice and mix with the glass stirring rod. Add your essential oils and mix again. If you’re making this in the plastic jar, put the top on and give it a good shake. Next, add a sprinkle or two of lavender flowers. There you have it – easy – just like I said.

Try not to get any water in the scrub and always keep the lid tightly secured. I would recommend using some sort of scooper to get product out to keep it free of bacteria. When you run out you can sanitize your container and make more since you will have enough ingredients to make quite a few of these. Feel free to customize your scrub and add more pumice or salt and switch up the oils depending on how you feel. That’s why I love making skincare products myself – they are made just for me and I can make them any way I choose.

One more super hot tip for soft and smooth feet…I just recently discovered the most amazing tool called The Gratist by Barefoot Scientist and let me tell you – this thing will totally get your feet looking way better and they will be way smoother just after one good session. I’m going to use this pumice scrub with my new foot tool for maximum results. And be sure to get on my list for my courses because I’ll be releasing a course on making balms and I will be including a really effective foot balm that can be used along with the foot tool and scrub.

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pumice and dead sea salt foot scrub recipe

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