honest beauty and other clean beauty favorites

Honest Beauty & other clean beauty favorites

I’ve been a makeup junkie since I can remember. My first business was actually a private label makeup line back in my early 20s. Since I started making my own skincare products many years ago and becoming aware of toxic ingredients in a lot of skincare and makeup, I decided to explore cleaner options for makeup. Vapour Beauty definitely stood out to me as a leader in the clean makeup space some time ago and I do still wear some of their products, but one brand that really stands out to me is Honest Beauty. I kind of have an obsession with Honest Beauty lately. Luckily they are having a Labor Day sale going on now so I bought more products that I’m really excited to try. As I tell my husband when a good sale is going on, “Now is the time to buy!” So if you want to try out any of the brands I am going to mention, be aware that most of them are having a Labor Day sale, so now is the time to try them out and buy a few things. I’ll add any discount codes I find at the end of this post.

I’m going to go over my favorite clean makeup products and show you what I put on for a five minute makeup no makeup look. Here we go…

Favorite Face Products
Favorite Eye Products
Favorite Lip Products
Five Minute Makeup No Makeup Look
Discount Codes

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