Organic Lip Gloss Recipe

Here is a super simple recipe to make your own organic lip gloss. If you don’t want an actual lip gloss, then replace the organic castor oil with more organic argan oil. The castor oil is what gives gloss its shine. Enjoy!

Ingredients & Supplies

Using a double boiler (pyrex glass inside a pot of shallow water), put your pyrex measuring cup in the pot that has the beeswax, shea butter, argan oil, castor oil, and Vitamin E. Once everything is melted, remove from heat. Add in the stevia and organic sweet orange essential oil. Test your lip gloss and make sure it’s a good consistency for you. Mix and pour into glass jar. Label your jar. Once it has solidified, apply and enjoy.

Tips for Testing

Take small disposable wooden spatulas and dip in the balm. Let it sit for a moment and then apply to your lips. If you want it glossier, add more castor oil. If it is too thin, then melt a little more wax. You can continue to remelt this concoction until you have the exact consistency you desire. Another trick to test your concoction is to put a few spoons in the freezer and use them as you would the wooden spatula. When the spoons are cold, the lip gloss or lip balm will instantly solidify due to the temperature of the spoon letting you test your mixture right away.

organic lip gloss recipe
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