ylang ylang essential oil profile

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Profile

Ylang ylang is an evergreen tree native to Asia (Schiller, 2008). The tree has beautiful, large yellow fragrant flowers that are best hand-picked at dawn for distillation purposes. You may have heard of ylang ylang essential oil being used as an aphrodisiac. This essential oil is known for enhancing communication, bringing out feelings, and bringing …

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Lemongrass Essential Oil Profile

Lemongrass essential oil, which is originally from India, is a multitalented gift from nature that has many medicinal, cosmetic, and emotional uses. Some may recognize lemongrass as the scent in Ivory soap. Lemongrass has been used for improving circulation, improving digestion, repairing ligaments, and tissue regeneration. If you haven’t had the chance to experience lemongrass, I …

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cleansing oil for mature skin

Cleansing Argan Oil for Mature Skin

Here’s a super fast and effective cleansing oil recipe for mature skin. It’s fully customizable, less expensive, and you know exactly what you’re putting on your face. With that being said, you can swap out carrier oils and essential oils to customize it for your skin. I absolutely love cleansing oils. They dissolve your makeup …

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