VitaJuwel Gemstone Guardian Vial


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Based on crystal healing, each Gemstone Vial is filled with an array of different crystals allowing you to pick the Vial that is best suited for you. Available to read are the crystal descriptions for all the gemstones that are contained in each Gemstone Vial. Allow your intuition to go to work and allow the crystals to speak to you.

Every Gemstone Vial is hand blown by master glassblowers with a special Bohemian glass. These vials are placed safely inside a beautiful decanter creating precious gem water. The Gemstone Vial is the perfect complement to the Decanter Era. The best part is that it is a beautiful step to healthful living.

Chakras Enhanced
  • Crown – We are one in divine love
  • Throat – I am honesty
  • Third Eye – I am wisdom, clarity, awareness, intuition
  • Black Tourmaline – crystal of balance
  • Clear Quartz – master healer
  • Amethyst – the protective crystal


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